The Importance of Training

A lash lift is a simple treatment right? So what’s the importance of being trained when I can watch a YouTube a video and purchase a kit separately?

These are two of the biggest questions I receive as an Elleebana trainer. Let’s talk about the importance of investing in proper training. 

You wouldn’t purchase a new skin care or hair coloring line without receiving training and proper information, would you? No, you wouldn’t! Because we as beauty professionals want to know, understand and perfect the products we are using on our clients. It’s not any different with lash lifts. Lash lifts are an amazing service, but it can go wrong without proper training. Our clients could end up with extremely damaged lashes and an undesired result. Here’s an example

Being professionally licensed as well as certified gives you credibility! It will raise the number of clients you see and will help you achieve successful results every time! Come learn why Elleebana is the world’s most talked about lash lifting company! 


Text/Call 480-206-2038 to sign up now!


Elleebana Online Trainings

It’s the beginning of a New Year and you are looking to bring on a new and exciting service that both you and your clients will love. Well, look no further! Elleebana is the talk of the industry right now. With our single use packets and quickest processing times, it’s easy to be a company that is loved by beauty professionals all over the world! Can’t make it to us? Sign up for the next best thing! So what’s included with an online training?

Let’s start with your lash lift kit-

·      15-30 applications of the one shot lash lift packets and neutralizer

·      Lash lift adhesive

·      One applicator brush

·      One lash lifter tool

·      Small, medium, large and extra large silicone rods

·      Sample of the Belma Remover (makeup & tint remover)

·      Flyers

·      Kit to hold all your Elleebana product in


Now let’s talk about the training materials-

·      Welcome letter from the founder of Elleebana, Otto Mitter

·      Lash lift training manual

·      Elleebana Client Indemnity form for use on your clients

·      Criteria Checklist form, assuring you don’t forget any steps

·      Personal link to the training video that is not open for the public

·      Two different FaceTime/Skype sessions to go over training information with your trainer

·      Get your salon information posted in the Elleebana Stylist Page

·      Certificate- once 3 before and after photos are submitted to your trainer

·      Continued support from your trainer and the Elleebana community


Jump on the hype and become the first in your area to offer the World’s #1 Lash Lift! Classes are filling up fast so don’t wait to sign up for the next big thing. With our extensive online training course, you will get certified in no time at all.

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A Sleek Spotlight

We all have that those celebrity stars, you know the ones where if you ever get lucky enough to shake their hand you vow to never wash that hand ever again... cough cough Channing Tatum, Matthew Mcconaughey, Bradley Cooper.... 

In Sleek Brows we have celebrities too and I was lucky enough to interview one of them. 

Meet Jasmine Bengtsson

The CEO and Beauty Stylist of Wishful Hair and a Master Trainer of Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building. 

Jasmine has worked with brows for over 15 years. As soon as she heard about 'brow extensions' Jasmine and her husband took the car and drove directly to another city to take the Sleek Brows course. 

She was gracious enough to answer a few questions for all of our Sleek Brows Artists. You might want to take notes ;)

  1. How do you measure the brows?  Everything depends on the customer's face, nose, eyes and forehead. With these points you can draw brows that match their face best.

  2. Do you sit or stand while performing? I always sit on the right hand side of the client's face, in that way I can always see the lines of the brows. This ensures that I can make the brows the same shape. 

  3. Do you build & sculpt the same amount?   Depending on the client, if the client does not have any hair I put sculpt first and then apply the hair, and then apply sculpt again. If they have many empty spots in the brows I tend to put sculpt first and then hair. If the customer already has a lot of hair I put hair first and then sculpt

  4. Do you tint the brows before Sleeking them? Only if needed. This varies with clients. 

  5. How do you design a brow?   Designing a brow involves many steps for me:  I always ask the clients what kind of brow design they have in mind. If they have brought with them inspiring brow pictures or if they have looked into my portfolio and found any of their liking.  I compare their requirement with their existing brows and analyze whether or not it is possible to perform, and I always show my recommendation from my portfolio.  I make the customer understand why they can or cannot have certain brows, note: it is always good to have a mutually understanding before the treatment. Once agreed between the parties, I'll start the treatment.  The guidelines I have is to always follow the basic shape of the clients existing brows, and help the brows to become more elegant for their face and even given the client a facelift.

  6.  What tips do you have for picture taking? 3 photos per client (side, front and other side). I also concentrate to take the same angle on the before and after photos so the person who sees the photo can understand what has been constructed. Lightning in the room is very important, the more light there is in the room you are taking the photo in the more picture  zoom you will be able to do.

  7. What is your favorite thing about Sleek?  My favorite part with Sleek Brows is that it enables me to help others with their brow problems, everything from cancer, alopecia, partial hair lost to people who simple just need help with constructing their brows to a correct shape that fits their face.

  8. What has Sleek Brows brought to your business?  I do almost everything within hair and beauty, but sleek brows took over all of my services. Today I have 3-5 customers a day where I conduct sleek brows on. It has also brought me into a teacher level, where I feel I belong and also love being.

Check out some of Jasmine's work below or on Instagram

Jasmine's work and talent is truly something to aspire to. Thank you Jasmine for setting an example to all of us. 


How To Care For Those Beautiful Sleek Brows

So... You just received the most beautiful Sleeked brows ever. Seriously though, have your brows ever been this perfect? My guess is probably not. If you are like me, you have more bad brow days than you do bad hair days. BUT NOT ANYMORE! 

Now, before we celebrate your perfect Sleek brows there are some important things you need to know about the care of your brows! 

I promise if you work together with your stylist, your brows will always reside in the beautiful brow population. 

Ok, are you ready? I need you to pay close attention. 

1. Please avoid hot steam or water on the brow area for 24 hours. So maybe let's skip hot yoga tonight or hot tubbing with the BFF's. These activities can be resumed at least 24 hours after your service.  

2. Do not use oily products on or near the brows. Pay close attention to your make-up removers, SPF's, and moisturizers. Tip: Use Q-tip or sponge applicator to apply these products near the brow area. 

3. To wash your brows allow a light water stream to run through them without any rubbing and pat carefully with a towel to dry, or preferably air dry. Please be cautious of shampoo or conditioner running into the brow area while washing. 

4.If you feel an itch, just press gently and the itch will subside - do not scratch or pick at the brows. If they do move out of place, gently push it back in the direction of hair growth. 

5. Hands off! Your fingers have natural oils that could cause the brows to soften in time so avoid touching. 

6. See your Sleek Stylist every 2.5-3 weeks. This will ensure that you will have perfect brows 24/7. 

Okay, now I feel that a celebration is in order! (Dancing & Cheering & Constant Mirror Looking) 

Remember, Sleek Brows is a luxury. Treat them as such! 


In case you didn't get all of that, there is a beautiful aftercare video to watch below! 

Cheers to Perfect Sleek Brows! 

The 101 on Threading VS Waxing

Threading?!?! You are going to use thread to remove hair from my brows? 

I know, I know... It sounds too good to be true, but guess what? It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened!

Threading is a method of hair removal that first originated in India and Central Asia. This method dates back 6000 years! It was a treatment that was once only given to those about to embark in marriage. A threaded/groomed eyebrow symbolized that you were of a marital status. Today, threading is popular worldwide. 

Now, I'm sure we have all heard of waxing before, but for those of you who haven't there are two types. Soft wax and hard wax. The type of wax used generally depends on the stylist. Soft wax adheres to the hair and the skin, which exfoliates the skin. Hard wax only adheres to the hair, there for no exfoliation is given to the skin., but is found to be much bulkier and hard to work with. 

I, like many others was addicted to my wax pot. I could do anything with it, or so I thought. Then I was welcomed into the wonderful world of threading. 

 Sleek Brows incorporates threading in every treatment! 

Here is why I chose threading over waxing:

1. I can thread anyone. I can thread someone who has been or is currently using Accutane, Retinol, or who has just received a chemical peel. 

2. Threading is all natural. There are no chemicals or heat involved. Which reduces the risk of burns and break outs. 

3. Threading removes ALL the hair from the root. Even the vellus hair. I can make a very clean and precise line on brows. 

4. Threading does not compromise the collagen and elastin in the skin. You know all the tugging and pulling from waxing? It will breakdown your collagen and elastin, resulting in looser skin on the upper eyelid. 

Threading takes time and patience to master. Carry your thread with you everywhere you go, you never know who might need a little clean up ;) 

Happy Threading! 

A Shout Out to The Solopreneur

To all the women out there that are working by themselves and for themselves, I dedicate this post to you! I commend you for having the courage to stand on your own two feet and make a living based on your passion and dreams. 

First off, Congratulations on completing your Sleek Brows Master Course! I can tell you from experience that this is THE best thing I have done for my business.  Whether you are just starting your career in the beauty industry or you have been in it for over 30 years, Welcome to the Sleek Brows Revolution.

Now, we all know it is crucial to gain a clientele, which therefore creates a booming business, which creates an income! But how???

Here are some business building tips that we have for you!



Yes of course this is my number 1. Social media is HUGE. Get a business Instagram and Facebook page.  Business and Personal need to be separate; sure you can throw in a selfie or two on your business page, but let’s not go selfie crazy.  Twitter is also a great social media resource.  Make sure these are not private accounts so the whole wide world can see them.

Post 3-5 times on your social media accounts DAILY. I know, this sounds like a lot but what if you post at 6 am and I’m still sleeping at 6 am? There is a very good chance I didn’t see your amazing Sleek Brows post.

Before and after pictures sell them selves. Be sure the pictures are high quality and there are no shadows. Good pictures mean good business.

Great example of before and after

Great example of before and after

Hashtags are a must! Set some time aside and do some research on the top 100 hashtags that are trending. Hashtag big monumental areas near you, for example if you live in San Francisco hashtag#goldengatebridge. Of course you want things that relate to your business as well. Once, you’ve got a substantial list of hashtags SAVE IT in your notes and then COPY & PASTE every time you post!



Create an atmosphere that makes the client want to return again and again.  Be honest in your skill level and expertise. Be honest with what your retention rates are.  Your clients will respect you for your honesty.  This also creates WORD OF MOUTH. Your client will spread your name out to the world whether it is good or bad, but I can promise if you do good work everyone will know about. (Tip: If my clients love their brows, I have them post about it on their social media and tag me, they get 20% their next service for doing so!)

Respond to e-mails, texts, and phone calls in a timely manner. This not only is professional, but it also shows your clients that they are important.

Example of client advertising on social media accounts

Example of client advertising on social media accounts


You can spend a fortune on advertisements, so here are some cost effective ways to advertise your business.

Hold an event for cancer patients.  I have worked closely with a program called Look Good Feel Better and the American Cancer Society. When women look better they feel better. You don’t have to donate 40 Sleek Brows in a day, start small. It will get your name out and its good karma.

Cancer patient receiving Sleek Brows by Lexi Bowler  

Cancer patient receiving Sleek Brows by Lexi Bowler  

If you are brave enough, Sleek one of your brows and go out and about. Make sure you have your business cards and leaflets because people will wonder why your right brow is on sleek and your left one isn’t.

Send referrals out to other Sleek Brows Stylists if the client is closer to them. It will come back to you ten fold and will create a good relationship; after all we are a Sleek Family.

Contact your local news station and show them before and after pictures. You better believe they will want you to do a news segment on this amazing treatment.

Give your client 3 business cards with THEIR name written on the back of them to share with friends.  For example: Trisha is my client. I give Trisha 3 business cards with “Trisha” written on the back of them. Trisha then goes out and spreads the word. Trisha gave Susan, Karen, and Danielle each a card with her name on the back.  Susan, Karen, and Danielle all scheduled and received Sleek Brows. So guess what Trisha, you get a free set!!!!


These are  just some of the endless possibilities you have to build your business.

Most importantly, remember why you started. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together! 

Building vs Brow Extensions

Okay, Okay let's talk about Building. Now, some of you might not even know what building is, so I'm going to use a curse word that will familiarize you (I'm apologizing ahead of time).... Brow Extensions.

Brow Extensions is a more common term that most all of you have probably heard, heck your mom's probably heard of it too. But, I'm going to transition you over to a more eloquent word, "Building." 

What is building you ask?  It is brow hairs attached on natural brow hairs where possible (hair on hair only), this creates better shape, fullness and definition. We do not apply hairs on skin, although adhesive is formulated to allow this - it simply does not last from our experience.  

Who can guess what technique was used in the above picture? I'll give you a hint. It starts with a B...

BUILDING! The technique used is just building, which means a hair to hair extension only. 

 Building is a great option for those with a good amount of natural brow hairs that are looking to achieve a full brow. It will create a full, well defined brow with a better shape. 

Now, for those of you who don't have that amazingly full brow, don't worry. We still can build your brow with hairs, we just have to add our sculpting gel in as well. For more information on our sculpting technique, click here and scroll down to "You're going to Sculpt my Brows? 

Here are some tips and tricks from some of our Sleek Brows Certified Stylists: 

"I always sculpt first.  When I do build, I make sure I stay with the natural hair growth direction. I usually need to build mostly on the heads and tail of the brows. I start the tails at the very end and let the hairs overlap each other, as the would naturally. In the front I build top to bottom so they overlap naturally as well. " - Jennifer Boyd, @sleekbrowsla
"I have experienced a complete turn-around with application and results by wearing a magnifier headset while building & sculpting. The magnifier headset helped me to truly see the amount of sculpting gel on my sculpting tool (huge help) and I can also clearly see where to attach the brow extensions more effectively. It's the little things!" - Belinda Garza Wellman

I hope this post was able to help, even in just the slightest way. If you ever have any questions please SPEAK UP. Let us help you! We want you to succeed! 

Happy Building! 

You’re going to “Sculpt” my Brows?

One of the biggest things that sets Sleek Brows apart is our ability to sculpt a brow.  Now, I know there might be a lot of unfamiliar Sleekers out there, but don’t worry. I am going to cover everything about sculpting that you might need to know! I haven’t forgotten about building either… But let’s just take this one step at a time!

I wanted to break it down completely, so I took it back to my dinosaur years and looked in a dictionary for what sculpting meant. Okay, I lied… I used Google dictionary, same thing right? Anyways…

Sculpting: “to form, shape, or create something with a specific technique”

And that is exactly what we do with Sleek Brows sculpting gel. We form. We shape. We create.

Sculpted Brow by Sara Millecam

Sculpted Brow by Sara Millecam

Our sculpt is often referred to as a sculptured paint or 3D Gel which is applied in thin strokes to imitate hair effect on skin where there is no hair at all! It gives a raised impression as it has texture; it is not flat like shadow, tint or pencil. This product will last on skin between 2-3 weeks depending on the natural skin regeneration process and care of customer.

So… You’re telling me I won’t have to fill in my brows from 2-3 weeks? Exactly. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Does it hurt? Absolutely not! The treatment itself is actually quite relaxing.

Do you have something to match MY brow color? Of course, we can custom color match with our 6 amazing colors

Okay, Okay, okay, I HAVE to wash my face, can I still do that? PLEASE still wash your face :) we just suggest waiting 24 hrs before direct water comes in contact with your brows.

P.S. Did I tell you that our sculpting gel formulation is enriched with Vitamins A and E? This will help stimulate the hair follicle resulting in HAIR REGROWTH!!!!! 

Who loves Sleek Brows?? I know I do!

Next post will be all about our Building technique! 

Happy Sleeking!

Are your Brows on Sleek?

Where oh where in the world did Sleek Brows come from? This is probably one of our most commonly asked questions, and we are here to tell you the in's and out's! 

Let's take it back to the year of 2007, yes this is when Steve Jobs announced the first ever Apple Iphone (I know, looks at us now!) But more importantly this is when, two very like-minded women Kintija and Monika met in the UK, became best friends and business partners almost immediately. When they first met,  Monika was busy developing a unique lash application technique. Kintija was training prospective experts. It was just a matter of time before Sleek Brows was born.

After 2 years of extensive research they learned everything there is to know about eyebrows. Yes, there is quiet a history attached to eyebrows... believe it or not! 

 Then.... Sleek Brows was born.  

 Now, let's introduce you to these two beautiful ladies! 

Pictured: Left to Right: Kintija Belska  and Monika Ludwiczack. Founders of Sleek Brows

Pictured: Left to Right: Kintija Belska  and Monika Ludwiczack. Founders of Sleek Brows


Kintija inherited her business skills from her mother (an award winning beauty academy owner) and followed her passion for beauty from an early age. From make-up application to advanced beauty treatments - she's done it all, until passionately pursuing her career in teaching few years ago. Her "perfect or nothing" approach has gained a vast celebrity clientele. Satisfactory is not good enough for Kintija, she always aims for outstanding, both with results and quality of products she uses. Passion for perfection inspired her to start and develop her own lash product range.


Monika's early childhood interests were in fashion and beauty, which sparked a concept of a customized individual approach. With considerable beauty industry expertise and a degree in psychology, she knows how to do just that. Her extensive interest and knowledge of luxury beauty allows her to take advantage of and apply it to latest innovations. Her passionate research of all new developments, together with hands-on practical skills; makes her ideal professional, from which to obtain an expert opinion. Honesty is the best policy for Monika, who adopts this approach when analyzing beauty industry trends and focusing on providing the best possible results.

We are all so grateful for the founders and the leap of faith they took to develop Sleek Brows.  Sleek Brows is truly going to be the biggest innovation to the beauty industry. IT WILL change lives indefinitely. 

We hope you take a look further into Sleek Brows and discover the beauty and innovation that we have provided

USA Welcomes Elleebana Lash Lift

December 09, 2015

We have some very exciting news to share! 

Are you ready? 

In October 2015 we launched one of the most unique products available in the beauty industry, The Elleebana Lash Lift. 

Let's back up a little.. 

 In the 1920's women started using manual eyelash curlers to create a more uplifted appearance. Since then, thousands of mascara brands have developed special formulas designed to give straight eyelashes an upwards lift.   However, the problem with mascara is that it isn't actually magic, despite the fact that its applicator is called a 'wand'. It can't really defy gravity. All curling mascara can really do is prolong the effects created by the eyelash curler itself. 

The 1980's brought new light to a curled eyelash. The eyelash perm. But it was not until 2004 that eyelash perming gained popularity. Though popular, there were still several kinks to work out in the product department. For instance,  the perming lotion traditionally came in  a small bottle, which was easy to use, BUT the major problem with it was after you had used it for sometime all of a sudden out of nowhere you’d have a client on the bed and the product would not work because of oxidization. A therapist’s worst nightmare!

And this is where Elleebana Lash Lift comes in. A true game changer... or should I say lash changer? 

Elleebana decided that having the lotion in a single use sachet was the way to go. Easy to use and fresh lotion every time you open it, so no more crossing your fingers and hoping this is going to work issues.

Once the One Shot lotion was developed it made processing time quicker, saving the therapist time performing the treatment and giving a long lasting result. They coupled the formulation to work alongside the Belmacil formulation with it’s conditioning ingredients, now we had an even more efficient system where you curled the client's lashes and then tinted and conditioned them all in one service.

Nearly 10 years later, we are fortunate enough to bring Elleebana to the USA. 




The USA started out with 18 trainers and  we are now at 20+. Our goal for Elleebana is to revolutionize the eyelash industry with education and a brand you can trust. The One Shot Lash Lift with change those straight lashes forever! 

Welcome to the USA Elleebana, we welcome you with open arms!