Are your Brows on Sleek?

Where oh where in the world did Sleek Brows come from? This is probably one of our most commonly asked questions, and we are here to tell you the in's and out's! 

Let's take it back to the year of 2007, yes this is when Steve Jobs announced the first ever Apple Iphone (I know, looks at us now!) But more importantly this is when, two very like-minded women Kintija and Monika met in the UK, became best friends and business partners almost immediately. When they first met,  Monika was busy developing a unique lash application technique. Kintija was training prospective experts. It was just a matter of time before Sleek Brows was born.

After 2 years of extensive research they learned everything there is to know about eyebrows. Yes, there is quiet a history attached to eyebrows... believe it or not! 

 Then.... Sleek Brows was born.  

 Now, let's introduce you to these two beautiful ladies! 

Pictured: Left to Right: Kintija Belska  and Monika Ludwiczack. Founders of Sleek Brows

Pictured: Left to Right: Kintija Belska  and Monika Ludwiczack. Founders of Sleek Brows


Kintija inherited her business skills from her mother (an award winning beauty academy owner) and followed her passion for beauty from an early age. From make-up application to advanced beauty treatments - she's done it all, until passionately pursuing her career in teaching few years ago. Her "perfect or nothing" approach has gained a vast celebrity clientele. Satisfactory is not good enough for Kintija, she always aims for outstanding, both with results and quality of products she uses. Passion for perfection inspired her to start and develop her own lash product range.


Monika's early childhood interests were in fashion and beauty, which sparked a concept of a customized individual approach. With considerable beauty industry expertise and a degree in psychology, she knows how to do just that. Her extensive interest and knowledge of luxury beauty allows her to take advantage of and apply it to latest innovations. Her passionate research of all new developments, together with hands-on practical skills; makes her ideal professional, from which to obtain an expert opinion. Honesty is the best policy for Monika, who adopts this approach when analyzing beauty industry trends and focusing on providing the best possible results.

We are all so grateful for the founders and the leap of faith they took to develop Sleek Brows.  Sleek Brows is truly going to be the biggest innovation to the beauty industry. IT WILL change lives indefinitely. 

We hope you take a look further into Sleek Brows and discover the beauty and innovation that we have provided

USA Welcomes Elleebana Lash Lift

December 09, 2015

We have some very exciting news to share! 

Are you ready? 

In October 2015 we launched one of the most unique products available in the beauty industry, The Elleebana Lash Lift. 

Let's back up a little.. 

 In the 1920's women started using manual eyelash curlers to create a more uplifted appearance. Since then, thousands of mascara brands have developed special formulas designed to give straight eyelashes an upwards lift.   However, the problem with mascara is that it isn't actually magic, despite the fact that its applicator is called a 'wand'. It can't really defy gravity. All curling mascara can really do is prolong the effects created by the eyelash curler itself. 

The 1980's brought new light to a curled eyelash. The eyelash perm. But it was not until 2004 that eyelash perming gained popularity. Though popular, there were still several kinks to work out in the product department. For instance,  the perming lotion traditionally came in  a small bottle, which was easy to use, BUT the major problem with it was after you had used it for sometime all of a sudden out of nowhere you’d have a client on the bed and the product would not work because of oxidization. A therapist’s worst nightmare!

And this is where Elleebana Lash Lift comes in. A true game changer... or should I say lash changer? 

Elleebana decided that having the lotion in a single use sachet was the way to go. Easy to use and fresh lotion every time you open it, so no more crossing your fingers and hoping this is going to work issues.

Once the One Shot lotion was developed it made processing time quicker, saving the therapist time performing the treatment and giving a long lasting result. They coupled the formulation to work alongside the Belmacil formulation with it’s conditioning ingredients, now we had an even more efficient system where you curled the client's lashes and then tinted and conditioned them all in one service.

Nearly 10 years later, we are fortunate enough to bring Elleebana to the USA. 




The USA started out with 18 trainers and  we are now at 20+. Our goal for Elleebana is to revolutionize the eyelash industry with education and a brand you can trust. The One Shot Lash Lift with change those straight lashes forever! 

Welcome to the USA Elleebana, we welcome you with open arms!