How To Care For Those Beautiful Sleek Brows

So... You just received the most beautiful Sleeked brows ever. Seriously though, have your brows ever been this perfect? My guess is probably not. If you are like me, you have more bad brow days than you do bad hair days. BUT NOT ANYMORE! 

Now, before we celebrate your perfect Sleek brows there are some important things you need to know about the care of your brows! 

I promise if you work together with your stylist, your brows will always reside in the beautiful brow population. 

Ok, are you ready? I need you to pay close attention. 

1. Please avoid hot steam or water on the brow area for 24 hours. So maybe let's skip hot yoga tonight or hot tubbing with the BFF's. These activities can be resumed at least 24 hours after your service.  

2. Do not use oily products on or near the brows. Pay close attention to your make-up removers, SPF's, and moisturizers. Tip: Use Q-tip or sponge applicator to apply these products near the brow area. 

3. To wash your brows allow a light water stream to run through them without any rubbing and pat carefully with a towel to dry, or preferably air dry. Please be cautious of shampoo or conditioner running into the brow area while washing. 

4.If you feel an itch, just press gently and the itch will subside - do not scratch or pick at the brows. If they do move out of place, gently push it back in the direction of hair growth. 

5. Hands off! Your fingers have natural oils that could cause the brows to soften in time so avoid touching. 

6. See your Sleek Stylist every 2.5-3 weeks. This will ensure that you will have perfect brows 24/7. 

Okay, now I feel that a celebration is in order! (Dancing & Cheering & Constant Mirror Looking) 

Remember, Sleek Brows is a luxury. Treat them as such! 


In case you didn't get all of that, there is a beautiful aftercare video to watch below! 

Cheers to Perfect Sleek Brows!