A lash lift is a simple treatment right? So what’s the importance of being trained when I can watch a YouTube a video and purchase a kit separately?
These are two of the biggest questions I receive as an Elleebana trainer. Let’s talk about the importance of investing in proper training.

You wouldn’t purchase a new skin care or hair coloring line without receiving training and proper information, would you? No, you wouldn’t! Because we as beauty professionals want to knowunderstand and perfect the products we are using on our clients. It’s not any different with lash lifts. Lash lifts are an amazing service, but it can go wrong without proper training. Our clients could end up with extremely damaged lashes and an undesired result. Here’s an example


lash lift training


Being professionally licensed as well as certified gives you credibility! It will raise the number of clients you see and will help you achieve successful results every time! Come learn why Elleebana is the world’s most talked about lash lifting company!


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